Quality Assurance

Global Body & Equipment prioritizes quality assurance in every aspect of its operations. Following ISO 9001:2015 quality processes and with over 50 years in the manufacturing realm, our adept quality department is dedicated to ensuring that each product adheres to specified requirements and customer needs.

The commitment to quality begins at the inception of product development, with the quality team actively participating and conducting initial article inspections. Throughout the production process, meticulous in-process inspections are conducted by production staff, while supervisors and quality technicians perform setup approvals and random checks to maintain precision throughout the day.

This dedication extends to special processes like welding, powder coating, and assembly, where quality is woven into the production line, and products can be marked for final inspection before customer shipment. Global Body & Equipment employs both traditional metrology equipment and the advanced FARO Coordinate Measuring Machine to expedite inspections, accommodate intricate assemblies, and facilitate reverse engineering from supplied samples.

The quality team maintains an ongoing collaboration with all departments to continuously refine processes and procedures, fostering a culture of improvement. The comprehensive quality assurance program aligns with established industry standards and specifications, ensuring compliance with MIL-STD requirements and demonstrating the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering products that exceed expectations.